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The fee for our legal consultancy and service shall depend on the working time, the complication, difficulty of the works and experience of lawyers. The charge shall be calculated based on hourly rate; package; percentage of value of the dispute, contract or project; and retainer consultancy.

 1.   Hourly rate

Generally the lawyer's fee shall be calculated on the basis of hourly rates in accordance with the actual time spent for the relevant matters. Our hourly rate varries according to the experiences and status of the lawyer in charge.

In general, the hourly rate for legal Assistant is USD75.00 per hour.

 2.  Package

For special legal matters such as  Establishment of Enterprises, Representative Office, Branch; Post-Licensing formalities: Obtaining the Firm Stamp, Tax Code registration, Notification on Business Activities; Final settlement of Taxation; registration of Trade Marks, Industrial Designs, Patent, Utility Resolution; etc., we will charge package fees.

 3.  Percentage of value

For the legal consultancy and services related to settlement of dispute, performance of contract or investment project, the lawyer's fees may be calculated in accordance with percentage of value as agreed between the parties.

 4.  Retainer

Based on the relevant Retainer Legal Agreement with a term of at least 12 months, our law firm can agree with the client on monthly fixed fee.

 5.  Costs and expenses


USD1 per 10 words

Mobile, Tele-Communication:   

USD30.00 per case

Email, local telephones, fax: 

free of charge

Postage, forwarding: 

as invoice

Travel cost out of HCMC:  

as invoices or agreed package

Governmental fee: 

as invoice

For the avoidance of doubt, the Legal Fees are exclusive of the Value Added Tax. Any administrative fees and/or other expenses properly and reasonably incurred by the Law Office during the performance of the Services shall be borne by the Clients.