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The Vietnamese expression of lawyers (Luat su) includes attorneys at law, solicistors and barristers in Vietnam. The lawyers may provide legal services and consultancy as member of a Partnership Company of Lawyers or as member of a Lawyer Office. However, only lawyers being member of a Lawyer Office are authorized to appear before court in Vietnam.

There is no obligation for the parties to be represented by lawyers before of non-criminal courts. However, the parties will not be able to ask question to the other side, as those rights are reserved for lawyers.

Lawyers may participate at court's proceeding in form of being authorized or of protectors. The rights of lawyers being authorized are limited as of parties.

Foreign lawyers are not permitted to provide consultancy on Vietnamese laws, except for cases where they have a Vietnamese law university degree and fully satisfy the requirements as for Vietnamese lawyers.

Principal, foreign lawyers and foreign law firm, even Vietnamese lawyers employed by foreign law firm are not permitted to represent before courts in any form.